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Danny Williams

In April of 1950, Dan sent a recording of "Cinderella", a story he had told on the radio, to WKY in Oklahoma City. They liked what they heard, and by May 1950, Dan H. Williams was hired to work on WKY-TV, the flagship station of Gaylord Broadcasting, owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. He did announcing and played Spavinaw Spoofkin, "Chief Spoof Spinner" on the "Gismo Goodkin Show", where he told children's stories. He was part of "Opus Pocus", "Fountain of Youth"and "Norge Block Party". Dan did live TV commercials, hosted many special programs and read the first live newscast on WKY-TV.
In the fall of 1950, the "Danny Williams Show" began. Danny interviewed pioneers who had made the 1889 Run into Oklahoma. During this time period, he began to be the announcer for "Live Wrestling", which subsequently was put on video tape and broadcast throughout the South until 1973.

In 1953, Danny wrote, produced and starred in "The Adventures of 3-D Danny". He became known as Dan D. Dynamo, ("3-D Danny"), superintendent of the Space Science Center, friend of Bazark the Robot, and master of futuristic machines. With a machine called the "synchro-retroverter", he played filmed serials and cartoons, interspersed with live drama. Dan D Dynamo was the first local program in America that outrated the number one national program, "The Mickey Mouse Club". Negotiations to program "The Adventures of 3-D-Danny" on the NBC network were underway, when Pat Weaver was head of NBC. When Weaver was removed, no more was heard from NBC.
In 1955, while doing Dan D Dynamo, Dan was named the Promotion Director for WKY-TV. In this capacity, he wrote and developed TV spots for Promotion and Public Service and help to produce print campaigns for the TV station. Dan produced one of the first jingle videos ever made for TV during this time period.
In 1957, the music business was changing drastically and WKY Radio wanted Danny as host of the "Time and Tune Parade", week day mornings 6 to 9 AM. By 1958 Danny and the radio station rose to the number one position in market.
In 1959, he left television to devote full time to WKY Radio as Program Manager and morning drive on-air personality. WKY soon became the dominate radio station enjoying astronomical ratings, (never had less than 35% of the audience and in some books had as much as 80% of the audience). His morning radio program was the most listened to radio program in Oklahoma until 1979 when he retired from WKY Radio.

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