America's Game Celebrates
15 Years of Syndication Success

Vanna and Pat

"WHEEL" reaches more than 100 million weekly viewers worldwide, it is the most popular television game show on earth!

The  extremely popular co-hosts of America's favorite game show have a lot to do with the phenomenal success of "WHEEL OF FORTUNE." Viewers can't resist the easy-going camaraderie between Pat Sajack and Vanna White. Pat's clever repartee combined with Vanna's grace and charm make them both welcome guests in millions of American households.

"There is no doubt that "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" has an exciting, fun-filled year ahead," said Producer Harry Friedman. "Contestants and viewers alike will be thrilled with all of the changes and additions we've made to the show."

Last season "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" passed the $1 million mark in cash contributions to charity from the show's celebrity theme weeks.

The theme of April 27th to May 1st (1998) was "AM-FM Week" on the "Wheel of Fortune" Danny won "My Favorite DJ" contest to appear on the "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" for charity, and Charlotte Franklin appears as Danny's fan.

The money Danny won goes to KOMA's favorite charity

Children's Hospital of Oklahoma Volunteer Auxiliary

Monday, April 27, 1998 Danny won $36,750

Charlotte, Danny and Pat

Danny Williams and Charlotte Franklin of Oklahoma City,
were contestants April 27th and again in the finals May 1st!

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New Picture Friday, May 1st (1998)


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