Copy of the plaque presented to Danny Williams from the OAB February 1992



Danny Williams


  For over 30 years, Danny Williams entertained the radio and television audiences of all ages in Oklahoma. Considered by many as "brash and bold," he was a creative and versatile personality. To the young he was "Spavanaw Spoofkin," telling children's stories on radio, "3-D Danny" and "Xavier T. Willard" on the television screen. To the adults he was their favorite radio personality and television talk show host.
His Oklahoma radio and television career began in 1950 on WKY-TV as host of Oklahoma's first TV talk show, "The Danny Williams Show." From 1953-1957 he was the writer, producer and star of "Dan D. Dynamo." As "3-D Danny" he propelled the show to become the first local program in America to outrate the Mickey Mouse Club.
In 1957 he moved to WKY radio as the morning personality, and over the next 20 years was Oklahoma's leading air personality on one of the country's leading radio stations. From 1967-1984 he was the producer and host of Oklahoma City's top rated talk show "Dannysday" on KTVY.
Danny Williams was a free spirit, energetic and alive, bringing new dimensions to his radio and public.

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