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In 1947, Danny began his radio career in Austin, Texas for KTXN telling children's stories. While with KTXN, he performed as a disc jockey, play by play announcer for Texas Longhorn basketball and baseball, as well as developing his ability to tell children's stories. From KTXN, Dan moved to KTBC as an announcer, and by working with Cactus Pryor, one of the southwest's outstanding disc jockeys, he learned more about hosting record shows on radio.
In 1949, Danny went to work in San Antonio, Texas for KTSA. He read the comics from the San Antonio Express on Sunday mornings, he was the morning drive disc jockey from 6 to 9 AM during the week, as well as performing as "Uncle Dan" at 5:15 PM on a daily children's program. Occasionally, Danny would interview movie stars for the radio listeners. As "Uncle Dan", Danny told children's stories doing the voices of all the characters. All of these programs were rated number one in their time period locally, even though his morning radio program was opposite "The Breakfast Club", the number one national morning radio program of that era.

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