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Danny Williams

In 1983, an opportunity to appear in the made for TV film "High School USA" occurred and Williams went to California for a part in the movie, he played a school teacher.
In 1984, "Dannysday" finished it's seventeen year run, Dan returned to radio, producing and hosting the morning show on KEBC Radio. Again, his morning program was rated number one, whereas the station as a whole was rated 5th and 6th in Oklahoma City.
In 1986, Williams took the position of Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Aero Modification International, Inc. The company modified the Douglas DC-3. Williams and his public relations company, Dynamo, developed sales aids including a brochure, video tape, and press releases which were run in all major aviation magazines. He also developed sales in excess of $7,200,000, a market plan for the company and was instrumental in developing the over all business plan for the company. During this time period he taught himself to speak Spanish.

Williams served as President of AMI from February 1989 until May 1991.
As president of AMI, he continued the duties of marketing and sales representative for AMI, attending and participating in several trade shows worldwide, developing and producing the material used by AMI, including a business plan to obtain a loan for $5,500,000, another brochure, a major ad, an updated video and maintained public relations. Dan Williams established a positive alliance with the FAA, and became knowledgeable in the modification and production aspects at the AMI facility in Waco. He researched and developed business relationships in Central and South America, South Africa, Mexico, and Europe.

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